Summer Renovations

Posted 2011-06-08
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Category Household

Is the cost of heating your home frustrating you? Well, it’s only going to get worse unless you act to preserve your hard earned heating dollar. So, if you want to save money on your heating bills you should consider a self-financing home renovation. This summer, as you plan your home renovation you might want to get a home energy evaluation first. The home energy evaluation helps you decide how to get the biggest bang for your home renovation dollar. After the Arctic Energy Alliance has completed your energy evaluation, which takes a few days to complete, you’ll have access to a dedicated AEA construction advisor for free. Your AEA construction advisor will interpret the results of the home energy evaluation and help you decide what home energy improvements deliver the biggest energy savings bang for your hard earned dollar. Then, working closely with the NWT Construction Association, AEA’s home construction advisor can help you select a contractor for your home improvement. With home heating oil at around $1.17 a liter it will not take you very long to make back the money you’ve spent on your home. As heating oil prices increase, your savings increase. Depending on your home, you can expect to a payback period of anywhere from two to five years. A good investment.