Yellowknife's Wood and Solar Fair

Posted 2011-11-02
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On Saturday, October 1st, from 9 - 5, AEA hosted its first Wood and Solar Fair. Previously, AEA hosted Wood Pellet Fairs, and the intent of this year’s event was to expand this successful event to cord wood and solar technologies and promote the knowledge and application of wood pellets, cord wood and solar technologies in the Yellowknife area. The Fair itself was primarily targeted towards residential applications while still providing information and sources for commercial applications.

This event was comprised of 4 different components:

• tours of open houses in Yellowknife with either a cord wood stove, pellet stove, pellet boiler or solar PV system
• workshops at AEA
• a tour of the City of Yellowknife’s pellet boiler and district heating system that serves the arena, swimming pool and curling club
• two distributors and installers of solar technologies at AEA to answer the public’s questions about those technologies

At AEA, we believe the benefits of using wood, pellet or solar technologies are best communicated by people using them. Put simply, word-of-mouth is the most important factor influencing future wood, pellet or solar users. This is why AEA recruited homeowners to open their home to the public and share their experiences. 11 homeowners accepted AEA’s invitation and were open to the public on the morning of October 1st. Congratulations to Judith Pitre for opening her home and being the lucky winner of a pallet of pellets!
There were prizes for the public as well that day, and in order to participate, people had to get a passport at AEA and get four stamps on it. The grand prize was a matching EEIP rebate of 50% of the purchase cost of a wood stove, pellet stove or pellet appliance, up to $1,400. Congratulations to Kay Da Corte for winning this prize! Other prizes were two 230W solar panels donated by Ventek. Congratulations to Tamlin Gilbert and Tim & Sheila Laity for winning this exciting prize!
At lunchtime, free fish burgers were prepared outside of AEA on AEA’s wood pellet barbecue by Ecology North. In the afternoon, four workshops took place at AEA:

• Funding for larger pellet appliances by GNWT Environment and Natural Resources
• Burn-it-Smart How to burn wood efficiently and safely by AEA
• Introduction to grid-tie PV systems in the North by Ventek
• Introduction to pellets by AEA

AEA thanks all its partners once again for making this event a success. Definitely to be continued next year!