AEA Visits Fort Simpson

Posted 2012-01-02
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Fort Simpson Dec11


November 28th - December 1st Linda Todd from our Yellowknife office joined Teresa Chilkowich from our Dehcho office for the following activities.

Fort Simpson Chamber of Commerce – Linda shared a presentation about AEA programs with 7 people, focusing on the Commercial Energy Conservation & Efficiency Program.

“Burn it Smart” presentation was offered to a group of 7 people who were keen to learn about ways to use their woodstoves more efficiently and safely. Linda shared some helpful tips and ideas along with a video and a number of helpful printed handouts such as the CMHC “Guide to Residential Wood Heating.”

“Home Winterization for Women” workshop – Linda & Teresa shared a number of tips and ideas on how to help keep the heat in your home while keeping the cold air out, through a number of video clips and a variety of excellent discussions where the 17 women who participated shared some of their ideas and asked some important questions. Suggestions were given which included:

  • The importance of closing off “leaky” areas of your house such as around the windows & doors (with plastic film, foam rope, caulking, and/or weather-stripping)
  • banking snow around your house to help insulate it
  • stacking your seasoned winter wood supply early
  • installing dryer vent shutters
  • installing hot water tank/pipe insulation
  • installing programmable thermostats & using them correctly.