Energy Efficient Appliances in Northern Communities

Posted 2012-02-27
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Category EEIP



In February, AEA staff member Steve Outlet was in Winnipeg for the yearly North West Company (Northern Stores) trade show that allows store managers to discuss products with the various suppliers that fill their store shelves. This was a great opportunity for Steve to talk with store and district managers about the benefits of Energy Star® appliances and encourage them to make Energy Star® appliances available to their customers and how they can help their customers take advantage of the GNWT’s EEIP rebates for Energy Star® fridges and washers.

Steve also attended a “net zero” housing workshop, hosted by CMHC and the architecture department at the University of Winnipeg for architecture students. He also took advantage of an invitation to visit a window manufacturing company that was experimenting with a double pane glazing with 2 layers of heat mirror that had a centre of glass rating of R20.