Reducing Energy Use

Posted 2012-06-06
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Category Community Visits

In March, Sonny Zoe, Arctic Energy Alliance’s Tlicho Territory Energy Project Coordinator, visited an elder in Gameti that had very high electricity bills. During his visit he explored his house to determine where electricity is being used. These are the things that Sonny recommended be done to reduce his electricity use:

·         The elder was running 3 old, large deep freezers so Sonny suggested that he unplug 2 of them

·         Encouraged him to turn off lights and appliances when not needed

·         Installed plastic over 2 windows to cut down on drafts

·         Put insulation on the hot water tank

·         Installed 2 LED light bulbs and 4 CFL light bulbs

After making these changes the Elder’s electricity bill was cut in half compared to the previous month. If he would like to save even more electricity he could replace his old washer and fridge with a new Energy Star® washer and fridge and receive a $400 rebate for each appliance through the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP).