A Tlicho Success story

Posted 2012-09-11
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Category Community Visits


The following is a success story from Sonny Zoe, our Tlicho Territory Energy Project Coordinator.

I have worked as an Energy Program Coordinator in the Tlicho region for last ten years and have never seen anything like this happen before. In March 2012, I visited two elders’ homes in Gameti who had really high electric bills and installed some energy efficient products in their homes; things like compact fluorescent lights, window film and hot water tank thermal blankets. Then I informed them of other practical ways they could save on their electric bills. About two months later I met one of the elders and he showed me his electricity bill, it had gone from $400.00 a month to $200.00. Then, in late August, on one of my visits to the community of Gameti, I visited the other elder, and his electricity bill was down to $182.00 from around $400.00 a month. I was so pleased I almost kissed them. It is so good to see people making a difference, and it confirms that meeting people one-on-one in their homes and really talking to them helps them to take action on their energy use. Workshops and Presentations are good, but not enough.