Inuvik Wood Heating October 2012

Posted 2012-09-12
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As part of our Wood Energy Technology Training (WETT) Courses being offered in Inuvik we are looking for homeowners willing to have our students install wood or pellet stoves in their homes. Inuvik homeowners are invited to apply to the Arctic Energy Alliance for the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) funded Inuvik Wood/Pellet Stove Installation Project.  Homeowners who successfully meet the selection criteria outlined below will be eligible for a $2000.00 rebate. The aim of the selection criteria and the selection process is to be fair and transparent to all applicants.

Please note the following:

Participating homeowners are responsible for all necessary approvals, permits, licenses, industry standards and insurance requirements relating to the wood/pellet stove installed through this project.

Applications for installation of a new wood/pellet stove will take precedence over replacement of an existing wood/pellet stove.

Participating homeowners accept that upon completion of installation and delivery of the inspection report that the Arctic Energy Alliance shall not be engaging in any follow up maintenance.

Application form for wood/pellet stove installation grant