2011 Energy Action Awards

Posted 2012-10-27
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Arctic Energy Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 Energy Action Awards. We received 18 impressive nominations this year, the winners and honorable mentions are listed below:


Winner - Doug Whiteman of Norman Wells for reducing consumption of fuel oil by switching his home’s furnace to wood pellets.  Doug is saving about 40% a year on his heating bill allowing for a total payback of the furnace of about 3.5 years.  Doug also installed a wood pellet boiler in his workshop and in his commercial chicken operation.

Honourable Mention – Wilfred Jackson of Fort Good Hope is a respected Elder and trapper who cuts and hauls his own wood and wood for at least three other homes in his community.  He also takes volunteers out on the land to teach them how to look for the right trees to cut down for firewood.


Winner - Yellowknife YWCA embarked on several energy savings initiatives at Rockhill Apartments that have saved 12,000 litres of fuel oil a year and reduced the annual energy bill by 13 percent.

Honourable Mention – St. Joseph School Preschool Class for accepting the “Classroom Energy Diet Challenge” that was presented by the Canadian Geographic Society.


Winner – The Hamlet of Enterprise reduced water use and GHG emissions by consuming less water – and therefore reducing the number of trucked water deliveries from Hay River. Community members and businesses came together to upgrade clothes washers, toilets and shower heads to reduce their water consumption.


Winner - Yellowknife Direct Charge Co-op  has been doing energy upgrades over several years that include installing new more efficient heat reclaims that allow the store to be partially heated in the winter with the reclaimed heat of the refrigeration systems and computer controlled cold air reclaims on several freezers thus reducing the amount of electricity required to run the refrigeration compressors. More recently they replaced refrigeration cases with ones that require 83% less electricity to operate than the original cases.

Honourable Mentions go to Energy Wall and Building Products, Legge Carpentry, and Konge Construction for energy efficient construction practices.