AEA's Pellet Boiler is now Operational

Posted 2012-10-31
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Pellet Boiler Building.JPG

The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) contracted Arctic Green Energy to install a containerized 30 kW (100 MBH) WoodMaster Flex Fuel Boiler for the Urbania Building in Yellowknife. The system will run using pellets, or cord wood, and is interconnected with the existing oil fired boiler system. It is estimated the new system will cover 95% of the heating load, and will have a 20 year lifespan.

The WoodMaster Flex Fuel boiler uses wood gasification technology, where the pellets are cooked in a low-oxygen environment to produce syngas, which is then burned like natural gas in a high temperature fire. This results in a clean burn with a high efficiency. The most notable indicator of effective gasification is the lack of smoke exiting the chimney. A thermal storage tank is also part of the system, which allows the boiler to run at full capacity and store excess heat to be used as required.

The containerized unit includes four tonnes of pellet storage, and is designed for bulk pellet delivery. The container measures 2.6 x 3.7 metres (8.5 x 12 feet), which occupies about the same space as one parking stall.

Funding for pellet boilers can be obtained from the GNWT- Environment and Natural Resources’s Alternative Energy Technology Program.

Below is a video describing our new pellet boiler.