Vendor Outreach in Hay River and Fort Smith

Posted 2012-10-30
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Category Community Visits

Steve Outlet, from Arctic Energy Alliance’s Yellowknife office, recently visited businesses in Hay River and Fort Smith. During his visits he confirmed that the businesses had received copies of the new Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) forms and posters and were encouraging their customers to apply. He made a point of reminding them that in order to qualify for the insulation rebate it is necessary to do a pre-approval process by calling our office and talking to an energy adviser about their renovation plans. He also talked to several companies about Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems since this is a relatively new technology and we are not receiving many rebate applications.

The businesses seem to be pleased with our program and Steve’s visits gave them a chance to give us feedback on how we could improve the program in the future.