Dehcho Visits November & December 2012

Posted 2012-12-21
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Category Community Visits

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Teresa Chilkowich, from the Dehcho office of Arctic Energy Alliance, visited Jean Marie River November 22 & 29. Meetings with Chief Stanley Sanguez as well as the current and incoming SAO’s and teachers at Louie Norwegian School were held on the 22nd.  The following week, Teresa returned to Jean Marie River to offer an information session on energy efficiency for some community members, band office staff, and the students & staff at Louie Norwegian School.  Topics covered included “Efficient Wood Heating Tips,” “Home Winterization,” and  “Energy Conservation.”  Information covered on the “Burn-it-Smart” poster created by Environment Canada was a very engaging discussion item.

Dec. 3 & 4th Teresa visited Fort Liard to offer a similar information session to the students and staff at Aurora College and staff of Beaver Enterprises. Meetings with the Hamlet of Fort Liard, Echo Dene School principal, the Liard General Store & Motel, and the Northern Store also took place during this community visit.