Fort Smith Visit February 2013

Posted 2013-02-28
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Category Community Visits


One of our Yellowknife office employees, Steve Outlet, visited Fort Smith on February 26th, 2013. While in Fort Smith he talked to two classes at Aurora College. In the fourth year Carpentry Class he discussed building science issues in the north and emphasized that houses of the future should be better insulated and tighter which would lead to lower heating bills and simplified systems that would also reduce maintenance costs. Steve also demonstrated how a blower door works and is a great tool that can be used by carpenters/contractors when building new houses to check for air leaks at the construction stage so that leaks can be stopped before the home is finished. This would allow contractors to guarantee an airtightness target and the high quality of their work.

Steve also talked to a 2nd year Community Maintainers class about various mechanical systems and what changes may be coming to their jobs. He emphasized the need for them to understand biomass appliances, district heating, and solar hot water since they are being installed more frequently. He demonstrated the use of an infrared camera to show energy losses in a building and showed a model Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) unit.

Before returning to Yellowknife Steve visited the stores in town that sell appliances to review the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) with the store employees.