Inuvik Biomass Infrastructure Study

Posted 2013-03-21
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There is a new document on AEA’s website - the Inuvik Biomass Infrastructure Study. This study focuses primarily on the potential use of biomass (wood pellets) to help meet Inuvik’s immediate and longer-term space heating requirements. The main overall purpose is to determine if there is a business case for using wood pellets as a source of heating in Inuvik. This study looked at wood pellets supplied to Inuvik in three (3) formats: i) 18-kg bags, ii) bulk delivered through an in-town delivery service and, iii) bulk stored on site and ordered directly from the mill and stored on the building site.

The first part of the study gives a background to wood pellet heating and describes the current customer base in Inuvik, how wood pellet heating is being used in the rest of the NWT, and the different wood pellet appliance options for residential and commercial use. The second part describes the pellet supply methods to Inuvik and the estimated landed pellet price for each of the different delivery methods.

The third part estimates the heating loads for all commercial buildings in Inuvik and to determine the heating load of a typical Inuvik residence. Prices for pellet appliances were estimated for each heating category. The final part of the study presents an economic analysis using real building examples in Inuvik to determine the economic viability through simple payback on the investment. A sensitivity analysis including changing pellet prices and capital costs was conducted.

The recommendations stemming from this report are aimed at creating a 5 year action plan to integrate pellets into the Inuvik fuel supply market.

Inuvik Biomass Infrastructure Study