Sahtu Community Visits March 2013


AEA staff from Norman Wells and Yellowknife did a series of community visits in the Sahtu region via the winter road during the week of March 15. Weather was cold and clear and the trip itself was a new and eye opening experience for some of the staff. As you can see at the left, Sahtu country is truly beautiful!

Presentations were made in each community on Burn it Smart. Burn it Smart targets the differences between the new EPA high efficiency, low emission wood stoves and old stoves, and highlights the benefits of replacing old wood stoves. Information is provided on Code requirements for installation, as well as maintenance, safety and best practices for wood fuel.


Sessions were held in Deline, Tulita, Norman Wells and Fort Good Hope. They were well attended and local people who had converted to the new stoves shared their knowledge and experience about the benefits of using the new wood stoves – in particular, long burn time and less wood needed for more heat. Sharing their knowledge and practices on harvesting wood and getting the most out of these stoves was a real asset to the presentations and very much appreciated.

Another aspect of the community visits was to raise awareness about the value of doing residential EnerGuide audits and complete some scheduled audits. These audits identify air leaks and how well insulated a house is. They give good direction on what needs to be done to keep the heat in.


One of the tools used to conduct these audits is a thermal imaging (infrared) camera. This camera visually shows differences in temperature, air leakage and heat loss, as well as structure – joists, rafters etc. - that cannot be seen with the naked eye. A number of people took advantage of the opportunity to ‘have a look’ inside their walls, floors and attics.

Thank you to Norman Wells AEA staff, Wayne Lennie and the people of the Sahtu for their hospitality.