Wrigley Community Visit March 2013

Posted 2013-03-15
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On March 12-13, 2013, Teresa Chilkowich, AEA’s Regional Energy Project Coordinator for the Dehcho, visited Wrigley. Teresa offered a “lunch & learn” session covering Home Winterization and Burn it Smart tips. Twelve community members enjoyed some homemade bannock and stew while Teresa discussed and demonstrated various energy-saving devices. Teresa also shared tips on using wood stoves more efficiently and safely. Each participant went home with an energy-saving device to help them reduce their energy bills and keep their homes warmer or safer. In addition, Teresa provided a chimney cleaning brush and a set of 3 extension rods to the Pehdzeh Ki First Nation band office for community members to sign-out. This will make it possible for anyone in the community to borrow this equipment for cleaning the creosote deposits out of their wood stove chimneys more often.

This photo shows Daniel Steiner and Sarah Lennie discussing energy issues.