AEA meets with Fort Simpson Chamber of Commerce

Posted 2013-05-28
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Category Community Visits

On Thursday May 9th, Steve Outlet from Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA) Yellowknife office and Teresa Chilkowich from AEA’s Dehcho office attended a Fort Simpson Chamber of Commerce lunchtime meeting. During this meeting, Steve responded to a variety of questions and provided insight on other details with respect to increasing the energy efficiency of business operations for a variety of Chamber members.

Specific topics discussed included:
• Upgrading to more efficient heating and lighting systems,
• Free commercial energy audits and support for commercial business owners to undertake energy saving projects through the Commercial Energy Conservation & Efficiency Program (CECEP) 
• Energy-saving advice available to all businesses through AEA’s team of Energy Specialists and Program Staff,
• The various AEA Guides that are available including “Energy Efficiency in RFP’s for New Buildings”, “Residential Wood Pellet Heating,” and “Best Energy Practices for Remote Facilities”
• Inquiries about energy efficient refrigeration units 
• Questions about pellet, propane and diesel fuel boilers – differences in energy efficiency among these fuel types and the differences in maintenance requirements 
• Energy monitoring to help businesses identify where their greatest energy usage is and the savings that can be had through efficient upgrades

The people in the picture starting left front going clockwise are: Steve Outlet (AEA, YK office), Angela Fiebelkorn (Fort Simpson Chamber of Commerce & business owner), Wilbert Antoine (Canadian Zinc), Colin Munro (Great Slave Helicopters), Leah Keats (The Willows & Janor Guesthouse), Roxanna Thompson (Dehcho Drum), Lindsay Waugh (Kiwi Electric), Gary Scarfe (private rental housing property manager)