Air Sealing Pilot Project in Behchoko

Posted 2013-05-29
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Category Community Visits

An Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) “Air Sealing Crew” was in Behchoko all last week completing an air sealing pilot project with the NWT Housing Corporation. Excessive air leakage inflates your heating bills, can cause cold, drafty areas in your home, and can damage your home by allowing moisture into your floor, walls or attic where mold can develop. We can only identify “excessive” air leakage by using a computerized building science assessment of the home together with a blower door to guide the air sealing crew to the air leakage locations. All housing requires a certain amount of air exchange to maintain indoor air quality, and this is satisfied by a combination of natural & mechanical air flow. Mechanical includes exhaust fans such as bathroom, kitchen hood range, the dryer, and heat recovery ventilation units. An AEA air sealing crew reviews both excessive air leakage and the amount of ventilation required by each house.

The April 1, 2013 Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) includes a new incentive for reducing excessive air leakage, requiring a pre & post blower door assessment. If you would like AEA to help you search for energy savings, please book an energy audit on line (