Carbon Offsets Purchased 2012-13

Posted 2013-05-02
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Category Taking Action

During the fiscal year 2012 – 2013 Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) purchased “Gold Standard” carbon offsets for 68.78 kg CO2 generated from our travel and heating fuel at a cost of $2,100.66. We traveled 183,268 km promoting energy efficiency across the North and attending events in other parts of Canada this fiscal year.
Carbon Neutral North was created by AEA in 2008 to help Northerners take action on Climate Change. Carbon Neutral means that we take responsibility for all our greenhouse gas emissions and take action to offset them. We purchased “Gold Standard” carbon offsets from because they guarantee that the money goes to projects that actually reduce emissions.
This fiscal year we have also installed a pellet boiler at our office which will considerably reduce the amount of carbon offsets that we will be required to purchase to offset heating fuel next fiscal year since burning wood is considered carbon neutral.