Infrared Camera Training a Success

Posted 2013-05-15
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The Level I Thermography Training that was delivered early May in Yellowknife by Snell Infrared was very well received by the 15 participants. The instructor was knowledgeable and dynamic, he presented the information in a way that made it easy to understand and enjoyable. This training provided basic camera operational knowledge as well as a broad overview of infrared building applications, and a general background in the advantages and limitations of applying this technology. The participants received a better understanding of how the infrared imaging equipment is utilized to perform infrared building surveys and understand how thermographic inspections can be incorporated into new or existing programs to increase efficiency, reduce inspection time, increase reliability, and reduce costs.

Several Arctic Energy Alliance staff will soon be certified Level I Thermographers, please contact our office if you have use of these services.

This picture shows Nick Walker from AEA’s Yellowknife Office and Teresa Chilkowich, AEA’s Dehcho Energy Project Coordinator, learning to use an infrared camera.