Northern Sustainable House Discussions

Posted 2013-05-02
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This past week The Arctic Energy Alliance, the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation and the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation hosted a series of week-long "lunch & discussions" about the monitoring that is being conducted at the Northern Sustainable House in Inuvik, NT.

The following sessions were held:

Session 1: A general overview of the Northern Sustainable House monitoring project in Inuvik,

Session 2: Ventilation and Air Quality,

Session 3: Heating Systems and envelope

There were some great discussions and representation from a variety of groups across the territories, the North and Canada. Groups in attendance included: Arctic Energy Alliance; Northwest Territories Housing Corporation; Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation; Inuvik Housing Authority; Cannor; NT Energy, Industry, Tourism and Investment; Environment and Natural Resources; City of Yellowknife; Public Works and Services; Government of Nunavut- Energy Secretariat; Yukon Energy Solutions Center; as well as local architects, energy consultants and interested public.