Solar Tracker Training in Behchoko

Posted 2013-06-19
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AEA recently facilitated a 1-day workshop on solar trackers last week in Behchoko.  This workshop was targeted to owners of solar arrays that have a dual tracker.  There are three of these in the Tlicho territory.  One in Behchoko at Tlicho Construction, one at the Youth Centre in Edzo, and one at the TIC store in Whati.

Solar trackers are light sensitive and follow the movement of the sun through the sky.  The whole solar array then moves to follow the path of the sun, resulting in an increase of 30 – 35% in electrical power production.  

Workshop participants learned about the operation and general maintenance of solar trackers, including how to shut the tracker off for the winter and start up again in the spring.  Trackers do not work well in -15˚C or colder, so this is an important maintenance task to perform.  The solar panels continue to produce power through the winter, but they do not move to follow the path of the sun in the sky.  The proof of this was demonstrated when participants learned how to go to the monitoring site for their solar array and see the historical and current data.

The classroom session was followed by on-site hands on training using the Tlicho Construction solar array which is very similar to both Edzo and Whati.   Evaluations were very positive and AEA looks forward to presenting similar workshops in the future.

The picture shows the solar array at the Edzo Youth Center.