Dehcho Assembly 2013

Posted 2013-07-03
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Category Community Visits

AEA’s Dehcho Regional Energy Project Coordinator, Teresa Chilkowich, shared a wide variety of energy efficiency and renewable energy information with delegates at the Dehcho Assembly held in Fort Providence June 25-27, 2013.

Many of the Assembly delegates were interested in learning more about:
• Installing solar panels on their homes to generate electricity
• Rebates through the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program
• Safe and efficient wood burning practices

A number of delegates were also surprised to learn about standby or vampire power (also known as phantom loads) that is drawn even when electronics such as televisions, computers, and related electronics are powered off but still plugged into an electrical outlet.

Copies of the newly translated Burn it Smart poster were also distributed to some of the delegates interested in having a copy of this poster in the South Slavey dialect.

Burn it Smart Poster in South Slavey dialect

This picture shows Teresa with Herb Norwegian - Grand Chief, Dehcho First Nations, at AEA’s display table.