First EGH 84+ Home Rebate

Posted 2013-07-26
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Category Taking Action

AEA is pleased to reward Spencer Tracy of Yellowknife the first EGNH 84+ rebate for his new home that rated EnerGuide 84. Spencer received a cheque for $4,500 from the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP).

Spencer achieved this excellent rating on his 1500 ft2 home by coming to AEA early in the design stage of the project to spend the time working with a Certified Energy Advisor. Together they were able to optimize the energy efficiency of his building envelope. In the end he settled on an R38 wall, more than R50 in the ceiling, and R50 in his exposed floor. Spencer’s wall construction consisted of a 2x6 wall insulated with fiberglass batt (R20), with 3” of poly-iso cyanurate (R16) insulation on the exterior. The inside of the wall was strapped with 2x2’s, which provided space to run the electrical and plumbing without penetrating the vapour barrier. The floor was constructed using an engineered floor joist with a 2” air gap with bubble wrap (R5), 10” of fiberglass batt insulation (R35) and with an additional 1.5” of poly iso cyanurate (R9). The rigid foam was attached to the underside of the joists and the seams were taped. This acts as a continuous air barrier and reduces the heat loss through thermal bridging. These construction methods resulted in a very air tight home with an excellent air exchange rate of 1.42 air changes per hour (ACH). The mechanical systems included a high efficiency propane boiler, an advanced wood stove and an Energy Star™ heat recovery ventilator (HRV). Heating entirely using the wood stove should cost less than $700 per year. He also installed Energy Star™ appliances, lighting, and triple paned zone “D” windows.

Congratulations to Spencer for making the effort to reduce his heating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.