Inuvik Northern Sustainable House Energy Monitoring

Posted 2013-07-02
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The Arctic Energy Alliance is releasing its public website of an energy monitoring project we have been conducting in Inuvik, click here to view.

The Arctic Energy Alliance is working with the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and the Inuvik Housing Authority to monitor the Inuvik Housing Authority’s Northern Sustainable House in Inuvik. The Northern Sustainable House is a duplex designed to meet very high energy standards with an emphasis on occupant comfort, by incorporating well insulated walls, floor and roof, quadruple pane windows, a heat recovery ventilator and solar electric and solar hot water panels on the roof. The monitoring will take place for 12 months on the sustainable house as well as a base house for comparison. It will be monitoring heating, electricity and water use on both houses and the performance of the solar technologies will also be evaluated on the sustainable house.

Energy monitoring can be used to determine energy savings being realized from a particular technology or building system and whether the energy savings warrant the price of installation. It can be used to compare several technologies or systems and their set-up and determine what is more practical for a given situation. Energy monitoring is also used as an energy efficiency technique as it gives feedback and guidance to how energy is used or wasted in a given system. You can identify and explain excessive energy use in a building and diagnose specific areas of wasted energy. Energy monitoring can also be used as a commissioning tool for a building to tell what systems are not performing as they should and may cause an unhealthy environment. Energy monitoring can also be used to showcase certain energy saving technologies. Nothing is more compelling than hard numbers.

We would like to thank all our partners in this endeavor for their continuing support with special mention to the Inuvik Housing Authority for their never ending supply of patience and of course, the folks who live in this house and have put up with all the disruptions this type of study requires.