Renewables in Remote Micro Grids Conference

Posted 2013-07-03
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Ken Baigent and Nick Walker from AEA’s Yellowknife office attended the Renewables in Remote Micro Grids Conference held in Toronto during the last week of May. The conference was presented by Bullfrog Power and the Pembina Institute and covered topics such as smart grids, energy storage, and new software available for optimizing micro grids. The conference had a good northern attendance and ENR’s Wade Carpenter spoke about solar installations in the NWT, and introduced the 2012-2017 NWT Solar Energy Strategy. Pictured from left to right are Ken Baigent, Jennifer Hiscock and Nick Walker; Jennifer is a Science & Technology Advisor with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) who is part of an NRCan team working with AEA, ENR & the Power Corp. to assess and develop remote smart grids in the NWT.