SolarWall® Monitoring in Inuvik

Posted 2013-07-16
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The Arctic Energy Alliance recently facilitated the monitoring setup for the SolarWall® façade at the Aurora Research Institute (ARI), Inuvik.

Installed in 2011, the SolarWall® system is located on the penthouse façade at the back of the building at 35º west of south. It preheats the ventilation air supplied to the building by capturing solar energy. The system only operates on cold, sunny days when pre-heating ventilation air is required.

This project is carried out in close collaboration with Siemens (Building Technologies Division), as the operation of SolarWall® is controlled by the building automation system (Siemens). The energy output of the SolarWall® and available solar radiation are quantified by logging data on an hourly basis. The monitoring effort is funded by the GNWT Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR).

The Aurora Research Institute’s Western Arctic Research Centre facility is equipped three renewable installations including a wind turbine, a photovoltaic system (solar electric), and a SolarWall® façade (solar thermal). All three systems are expected to be monitored as demonstration projects and the data will be accessible to the public in the future.

This picture shows a close-up of the SolarWall® on the back of the penthouse.