SolarWall® Monitoring in Yellowknife

Posted 2013-07-16
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The solar air heating system, also known as SolarWall®, at the Weledeh Catholic School was installed in 1998 and has been supplying the building with pre-heated ventilation air from solar energy. The wall is oriented at 15º west of south and partially shaded in shoulder seasons. With minimal maintenance required since the time of installation, this SolarWall® system is the oldest and largest (192 m2) installation of its kind in the Northwest Territories.

The Arctic Energy Alliance has been working with the maintenance coordinator, Norm Lalonde, and the maintenance team at the Weledeh School since May 2012 to set up the monitoring equipment. Additional data was trended from the building automation system through close collaboration with Wayne Pollack from Honeywell. The ongoing monitoring data is displayed on the webpage designed by SOS New Media and will be updated on a monthly basis. See data here

The instantaneous energy output from the SolarWall® is calculated and made accessible to the public since April 17th, 2013. Detailed hourly data is also available for download from the website for interested individuals. The monitoring efforts hope to address the performance and suitability of similar solar air heating technology in NWT and the far North.

The picture shows the SolarWall® system at Weledeh Catholic School in Yellowknife, NT.