Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program (CECEP) Rebate

Posted 2013-08-22
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In the fall of 2011, the Roman Empire Building in Yellowknife received a free energy audit in preparation for the extensive renovations its new owners were planning. The energy audit was performed by the Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) as a part of the CECEP program and identified several energy-saving measures that could be incorporated into the planned renovations.

In the fall of 2012, the building owners applied for and received the maximum CECEP rebate amount of $10,000 to help offset the cost of the energy efficiency measures they implemented. This included adding insulation to all 4 exterior walls, replacing the old windows, making the building more airtight, replacing the old boilers and upgrading the lighting. While it is not necessary to upgrade more than one thing to receive a CECEP rebate and lower heating and power bills, in this case the building owners took advantage of the opportunity to make major changes and this will result in lower utility bills year-after-year.

CECEP is still running. Audits and rebates are still available. Call AEA for details.

Estimated annual savings: $12,900
Electricity saved annually: 11,000 kWh
Oil saved annually: 9180 litres
Rebate received: $10,000
Simple payback with funding: 7 years

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