Fort Good Hope Visit, October 2013

Posted 2013-10-17
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Category Community Visits

Donald Andre, Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA’s) Regional Energy Project Coordinator for the Inuvik region arrived in Norman Wells Oct 6th, 2013. AEA’s Regional Energy Project Coordinator for the Sahtu, Wayne Lennie, gave him the tour of town, viewed some chimney installs and prepared for their trip to Fort Good Hope (FGH) the next morning. The Flight was delayed due to weather conditions and the AEA team arrived in FGH at 4:00 pm. Donald was given a tour around town as he had not been to FGH for a number of years, and also viewed the new solar install on the community hall. (Shown in the picture to the right)

The next morning, Oct 8th, the AEA team met with the Chief Greg Laboucan, Yamoga Land Corporation Business Manager Arthur Tobac, and Recreation Coordinator Robert Kelly. AEA briefed the group on a potential woodstove project, how it went in other communities, including an overview of the problems and the things that worked. AEA informed the community leaders what was required on their part and what AEA would provide in terms of AEA’s responsibilities and guidance. Community leaders expressed their concerns and what they would like to see happen, including AEA to provide a modified “Burn It Smart” workshop for community members that are interested in having a wood stove installed. Attendance to the workshop would be one of the community’s criteria required to qualify. AEA also listed their criteria. It was all in all a good first discussion about this potential project. The picture below shows Arthur Tobac, Robert Kelly and Wayne.

The AEA Team arrived back in Norman Wells Oct 8th at 2:30 pm. Wayne and Donald then conducted a Wood Energy Transfer Technology (WETT) inspection on a wood stove installed in a house in Norman Wells with a local WETT trained resident.