Habitat for Humanity in Yellowknife

Posted 2013-10-10
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Category Taking Action

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) has made an in-kind donation to Habitat to Humanity by providing technical advice for the homes currently being built in Yellowknife. AEA has provided professional services in the areas of plan evaluations and home energy evaluations. Several staff members have also gone to the site to swing a hammer to help with the construction of these homes.

Two of AEA’s Certified Energy Advisors conducted blower door guided air sealing at the Habitat for Humanity project in Yellowknife. Using a blower door and infrared camera, deficiencies in the vapour barrier were identified and corrected using spray foam, acoustical sealant and tuck tape. They were able to reduce air leakage by 6% in only a couple of hours. It is much easier to fix these deficiencies in the vapour barrier before the drywall goes on and everything gets hidden. Give AEA a call (867-920-3333 / toll free 1-877-755-5855) for more information on these services.