Hay River Home Energy Assessments

Posted 2013-10-11
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Category Community Visits

During the recent Hay River Home Show, many homeowners and new home builders expressed an interest for Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) to provide a Home Energy Evaluation to help them plan energy conservation initiatives and energy efficiency upgrades (for existing homes) and to assist in new housing design (for new home builders) to increase efficiency, conserve energy and reduce energy-related costs for their housing. The AEA provided a free Home Energy Evaluation draw at our Home Show booth, and Ravi Kumar was the lucky winner. In addition to Ravi, there are 22 other existing and new homes in Hay River that have booked an evaluation with AEA.

Ken Baigent (Energy Management Specialist) completed the first of three trips this fall to Hay River on October 3-4, where 4 existing houses evaluations were completed, 5 new housing projects in mid-construction were reviewed, and one commercial building assessment was initiated. The attached pictures illustrate Ravi and his son in front of their supplemental heating wood pellet stove, and one of the new house construction projects.

Ken’s next 2 trips to Hay River will be Nov. 6-10 and December 4-6. There are only a few home evaluation appointments remaining during these visits, so please contact the AEA if you would like to book an appointment.