Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) Training in Fort Simpson

Posted 2013-10-10
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Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA’s) Dehcho Regional Office hosted WETT training Sept. 23 – Oct. 4 in Fort Simpson. Six days of intensive classroom theory and five days of actual installation made this a very well-rounded educational opportunity for the seven people who completed the WETT training.

The WETT curriculum begins with Code Compliance, an overview of wood heating technology and the regulations that govern safe installation, such as clearances, venting and chimneys.

This is followed by Wood Burning Systems, a series of case studies that cover space heating system design, meeting customer objectives, installation planning and actual installation.

The third module is SITE (System Inspection and Technical Evaluation) Basic. This module targets levels of Inspection and SITE Guidelines; the roles and responsibilities for WETT professionals when conducting inspections of solid fuel appliances; and prepares trainees to conduct, document and report on a basic visual inspection of a wood burning appliance and its venting system.

Installations took place at residential locations in Fort Simpson. Four pellet stove systems were installed. A number of wood stove inspections were also completed. The installation component is an opportunity both for the trainees and local people to have their EPA wood and pellet stoves installed by trainees under the supervision of the trainer. All installations are to WETT standards and certification.

AEA focuses on energy conservation and renewable energy in the North and is committed to building capacity, developing northern talent, knowledge and expertise in these areas. WETT training is one example.

We would like to thank Prevost Electric for sponsoring this training by providing all the equipment and supplies needed to undertake the installations and the trailer to haul them around in.  

The picture shows,back row (L-R): Linda Todd (AEA, YK), Chris Fairweather (City of Yellowknife), Wayne McKay (Checkpoint), Will Prevost (Prevost Electric), Teresa Chilkowich (AEA, Dehcho), Alfred Beaverho (Whati), Olinto Beaulieu (Parks Canada) and in the front row (L-R) Zigi Gadomski (WETT BC instructor), Donald Andre (AEA, Inuvik)