Language Termınology Development Workshop

Posted 2013-11-18
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Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) hosted a Tłįchǫ language Terminology Development workshop October 16 – 18, 2013. Interpreter/Translators and Elders from each of the Tłįchǫ communities met in Yellowknife to develop and achieve consensus on Tłįchǫ language terminology for a number of energy related terms.

This is the first time AEA has been a partner in terminology development. Some of our information materials have been translated into the NWT Official languages and this is where the need for terminology development became apparent.




The process involved clarifying the meanings of commonly used terms. For example, alternative energy and renewable energy – ‘alternative energy’ refers to alternatives to fossil fuels; ‘renewable energies’ are energies which renew themselves during a human lifespan. Challenging and first off the list, was the term “energy”. Defining and translating thıs term was fundamental to the work completed durıng the workshop.




The lıst of terms ın Englısh, theır Tłįchǫ translatıon, and the back translatıon ınto Englısh wıll be avaılable on our websıte ın the near future.

AEA gratefully acknowledges the support provıded through GNWT Educatıon, Culture and Employment Offıcıal Languages Sectıon to host thıs workshop.