Quality Assurance on our EnerGuide Rating System

Posted 2013-11-27
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Category Household

This fall, the Arctic Energy Alliance conducted Quality Assurance (QA) of its EnerGuide Rating System Program – fiscal year 2012-13. QA was conducted on all four of our Certified Energy Advisors and it is a necessary part of all processes to ensure top quality service is delivered at all times and areas where improvements are necessary, if any, are identified. The random sample consisted of all the evaluations performed by the Arctic Energy Alliance over the fiscal year and homeowners from this sample were contacted via telephone.

This year was a little different as we conducted more QA surveys – and not only did the Advisors do the QA on existing homes but we also included new homes that are planned to be built. The client feedback has been extremely positive again this year. All clients from the sample said the evaluators returned the house to the condition prior to their arrival and were in general courteous and professional. Most homeowners reported receiving information about their particular air leakage areas and about phantom load education. Most homeowners understood the EnerGuide Rating System for their houses. The reports matched their specific house and for the most part were reflective of the renovations they planned on doing. We would like to thank the homeowners for their time in this process in helping us achieve such great client feedback!

Congratulations to our Team!