Sachs Harbour community visit October 2013

Posted 2013-11-05
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Category Community Visits

On October 23, 2013, two Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) staff visited the beautiful community of Sachs Harbour, located on the westernmost island of the Arctic Archipelago. Winds and freezing rain made the flight from Inuvik to Sachs Harbour impossible for two consecutive days before a successful flight could take place.

Once in Sachs Harbour, AEA’s Mike Stuhec and Marie-Soleil Lacoursiere had a full schedule. Mike completed three residential energy audits and a commercial energy audit on the PolarGrizz B & B. Marie-Soleil met with numerous private homeowners to discuss their energy consumption and experienced once again the friendliness of the community residents. As part of her visits, she provided supplies to homeowners such as plastic for windows, and different sealants for gaps and cracks to help them prepare their homes for winter and be more comfortable when the cold winds blow outside. Another highlight of the visit was a lengthy meeting with the community SAO and receipt of the necessary materials to complete yardstick energy audits on all of the municipal buildings. The AEA will complete these yardstick energy audits free of charge and will help the community identify the areas with the greatest energy savings potential.

A follow-up visit is planned for the winter to do more residential energy evaluations and also do a commercial energy audit on the local Co-op store as part of AEA’s Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program (CECEP).

The picture shows Polar Grizz B & B owner Roger Kuptana.