Mackenzie Rest Inn Pellet Boiler

Posted 2013-12-18
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Category Taking Action

The MacKenzie Rest Inn, located in Fort Simpson, recently installed a new pellet boiler system that will save them 50 – 60 percent of their heating costs (approximately $5-6,000/year).  As a result,  11,740 fewer litres of propane will be burned each year, resulting in a significant decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  The boiler was installed by Norm Prevost of Prevost Atomic Ltd.  It requires almost no maintenance since it self-cleans four times a day into a canister that only needs to be emptied every two to three months.  The new boiler system and hot water tank cost the Inn a little more than $40,000. This expenditure is offset by the $12,840 grant from the Department of Environment and Natural Resource’s Alternative Energy Technologies Programs – Medium Renewable Energy Fund.

The Manager, Reg Bellefontaine, and Owner, Lois Martin, are  willing to show anyone interested in seeing the new boiler system, just give them a call to make an appointment.  They are also considering installing a solar hot water array to reduce their water heating costs.  

The picture shows Norm Prevost of Prevost Atomic and Reg Bellefontaine from the Mackenzie Rest Inn with the new pellet boiler.