Commercial Energy Audits in Fort Simpson

Posted 2014-01-14
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Category Community Visits

In mid-December, Nick Walker and Dwayne Wohlgemuth from Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) visited Fort Simpson where they worked with our Dehcho Regional Energy Project Coordinator, Teresa Chilkowich, to complete energy audits on commercial buildings. Two buildings were audited; Landmark Grocery and the North of 60° office building, and they can potentially qualify for rebates through the Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program (CECEP) if they choose to do some upgrades.

The Village of Fort Simpson is in the process of having energy audits done on Village owned buildings in order to prioritize upgrades that will save energy. While Nick and Dwayne were in Fort Simpson, they visited some of the Village buildings including the fire hall. In the top picture Nick and Dwayne are using an infrared camera to look at where heat is being lost from the Fire Hall. The other two pictures show the difference in heat loss between the new “sunshine door” and the older insulated metal door. The darker colour means more heat loss. The “sunshine door” allows natural light to come into the garage which reduces the need to turn on lights inside but since it is not insulated it is allowing more heat to escape than the insulated door.

The pictures show the new Sunshine Door on the left and the older Insulated Door on the right.