Energy Advisors visit Tulita in January 2014

Posted 2014-01-30
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Category Community Visits

The Two Rivers Development Group manages the Two Rivers Hotel and ten residential houses in Tulita. The Hotel includes office space on the main floor and 8 guest rooms and an open concept meeting facility on the second floor. The ten residential houses provide accommodation for some of the business development, health services and education staff that come to work in Tulita.

The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) is working together with Kimberly McPherson from the Two Rivers Development Group to complete commercial energy audits as part of the Commercial Energy Conservation & Efficiency Program (CECEP) on all eleven buildings to identify cost-effective energy savings opportunities. Ken Baigent, Certified Energy Advisor at AEA, was in Tulita during the week of January 13th to complete the audits on the ten residential houses. Wayne Lennie, Regional Energy Project Coordinator from AEA’s office in Norman Wells, came to Tulita on Tuesday to assist with the Two Rivers commercial audits. Wayne returned again on Thursday to work with Angus Lennie and Ken to prepare for the initial screening of 8 homeowners who have applied to the Electric Hot Water Replacement Project.

Kimberly had arranged for their Two Rivers Development Group maintenance staff to be on hand to assist Ken with the energy assessments. The attached picture shows Roy, who had learned so much in the first day on the job with Ken, that he was able to set up and operate the blower door on the second day.

Nick Walker, Certified Energy Advisor at AEA, will be heading to Tulita in February to complete the Energy Audit at the Two Rivers Hotel, with a final report and recommendations on all eleven buildings being delivered to Kimberly shortly thereafter.