Water Heater Replacement Project in the Dehcho

Posted 2014-02-25
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Category Taking Action

Late January, Arctic Energy Alliance's (AEA’s) electric water heater project continued in the Dehcho. Four electric water heaters were replaced with high-efficiency propane water heaters in privately owned homes of Fort Simpson.  All units were inspected on site by Williams Engineering of Yellowknife to ensure code compliance.  As a pre-requisite, an energy evaluation was completed by AEA Certified Energy Advisors on all participating homes, and a depressurization test was conducted to ensure it was safe to add another fuel-burning appliance to the house.  AEA also hired Fort Simpson resident Lance Hardisty as a helper on site to assist the mechanical contractor hired to do this work.  The picture shows Muath Abualqumssan of Williams Engineering at the home of Madeline Nelner.

In thermal communities (communities in which the electricity is generated by diesel or gas generators), this project makes tremendous sense.  Over the next five years, considering the current prices of propane and electricity in Fort Simpson, these four installs will result in net financial savings of approximately $13,520 for these homeowners (approximately $676 per homeowner per year) and 46 tonnes of greenhouse gases - the equivalent of removing 8 cars from the road for one year.

More replacements are scheduled to take place in Fort Simpson and Tulita this month.