Wood Stove Project in Fort Good Hope

Posted 2014-02-25
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Category Community Visits

Fort Good Hope is working on a wood stove project that will see a number of residents having new efficient wood stoves installed in their homes. Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) is working with the community in support of this project. As part of this, AEA staff drove on the winter road to Fort Good Hope in February 2014 to present a Burn it Smart workshop. The workshop focused on:

  • differences between older, non efficient wood stoves and new efficient, low emission stoves;
  • burn practices (the requirement for dry wood as opposed to using green wood);
  • the unforgivingness of these stoves for burning garbage (shiny paper, cereal boxes, etc.);
  • Code compliance requirements (chimney, floor pad, clearances);
  • Safety; and
  • stove maintenance.

It was a very busy time in the community, yet 17 people took the time to attend the Burn It Smart workshop held at the community hall. Thank you to everyone who worked to make this a success.