Fort Liard with Ecology North

Posted 2014-03-20
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Category Community Visits

Arctic Energy Alliance’s (AEA) Dehcho Community Energy Coordinator, Teresa Chilkowich, joined Ecology North’s Kim Rapati for one leg of the Water Week activities planned for the community of Fort Liard last week. Both Teresa and Kim offered educational information sessions for high school students in Deborah Wotherspoon’s classes at Echo Dene School. Kim’s sessions covered the importance of our watersheds and the cost in both money and energy of using Bottled Water, including the short video titled, “The Story of Bottled Water.” Click here to view this video.

Topics that Teresa covered during these High School sessions included: “Ways we Use Energy”, “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy”, and “The Cost of Using Electricity”. Some of the activities in these classroom sessions had Teresa explaining and showing the difference between old, incandescent and new LED or CFL light bulbs and helped a class work through calculations to figure out the amount and cost of electricity to operate 7 different appliances (hair dryer, electric kettle, gaming system, 2 sizes of televisions, computer, and refrigerator).

Other activities included in this successful, joint-community visit with Ecology North were a Water Week session Kim Rapati did for Aurora College and an evening film screening of the new video titled “Cold Amazon” at the community Library. This trip to Fort Liard also included meetings for Teresa with the Principal of Echo Dene School, Bill Gowans, as well as Aurora College Community Adult Educator, Yvonne Hopkins, the Manager of the Hamlet of Fort Liard’s Municipal Operations, Alan Harris, and with JoAnne Deneron, Deputy Mayor and owner of the Liard Valley General Store and Motel.

The picture above shows Deborah Wotherspoon adding various teaching points during the “Ways We Use Energy” morning session that Teresa worked through with some of the grade 9-10 students at Echo Dene School.