Government of Canada Greenstone Building

Posted 2014-03-20
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A visit to the Greenstone Building in Yellowknife was organized on March 13th, 2014. Wade Carpenter from the Environment and Natural Resources, Louie Azzolini, Executive Director of Arctic Energy Alliance, and three staff members, Ken Baigent, Leanne Robinson and Yichao Chen attended the tour.

The Greenstone building is home to a prototype of 33.5 kW building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) array within a 812 m2 high performance curtain wall installed in 2003. SNC Lavalin provides the Operations and Management of the Greenstone for The Government of Canada. Dave Polakoff and David Wouters from SNC Maintenance team led the visit, a behind-the-scene tour to show the inner workings of the BIPV array and to trouble shoot the monitoring system.

The real-time performance of the BIPV solar system can be tracked here.

With the 10 year review of the Greenstone Building coming up, the visit also spurred discussion regarding building performance assessment and potential energy efficiency measures.