Arviat Northern Sustainable House

Posted 2014-04-14
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Nunavut has a Northern Sustainable House (NSH) project too! The fourth and final NSH was built in Arviat, NU as a demonstration project aimed at designing and constructing a house that is highly energy efficient, healthy to live in, and culturally appropriate. The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) has been involved in the NSH project in Inuvik, NT and Dawson, YT and was asked to report on this project as well. March brought an AEA staff member to visit the house and meet the players involved with this project. They collected data and interviewed the occupants with the overall goal of comparing it with a standard house in terms of energy and occupant comfort.

The Arviat NSH features an open concept living room/dining room/ kitchen area to provide space for family gatherings, a sewing room for working on skins, and a large storage pantry to accommodate periodic restocking of supplies from the sealift. Finally the house has two entrances (summer and winter) oriented for local northern weather conditions, each connecting to a wind porch before opening to the living space to minimize heat loss. The energy performance goal for this house was to design and construct a house that would consume only 40% of the energy of a similar house specified by the 1997 Model National Energy Code for Houses.

The AEA appreciated the warm welcome they received from the Nunavut Housing Corporation and the Arviat Housing Association and we look forward to more cross territorial learning and partnering opportunities in the future.

The picture shows the Arviat Northern Sustainable House.