Electric Water Heater replacement in Tulita and Deline

Posted 2014-04-17
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Category Taking Action

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) received special funding from the GNWT ENR to replace electric water heaters with oil or propane fired water heaters in thermal communities of the NWT.  This makes sense because the amount of oil necessary to heat water in an oil-fired water heater is approximately one third of the oil required to generate electricity to heat the water in an electric water heater. 

Private homeowners of Tulita and Deline were eligible to have their electric water heater replaced with an oil fired water heater in March.  A total of sixteen replacements took place between the two communities. In fact, by doing this project in Tulita and Deline, over 60,000 litres of oil will be saved in the next five years.  Based on current electricity rates, the participating homeowners will collectively save approximately $20,000 over the next five years on their energy costs, and 125 tonnes of greenhouse gases.  They are saving energy and money while having a brand new, highly efficient, and safe appliance. 

This is just another example of how energy and money can be saved for the benefit of everyone.