Sachs Harbour Community Audits

Posted 2014-05-27
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Category Community Visits

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) staff members, John Carr and Yichao Chen, travelled to Sachs Harbour to conduct energy audits on seven community buildings. These energy audits are part of a project with the Hamlet of Sachs Harbour and the NWT Association of Communities (NWTAC). We expect to visit a total of 10 communities in the coming months to perform more energy audits.  Based on the results of these audits AEA is looking forward to working with community governments on specific, practical ways to save on their energy costs. In addition to the community buildings, AEA also conducted an onsite commercial energy audit on the Co-Op building in Sachs Harbour as part of the Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program (CECEP).

The pictures shows the blower door test being performed on the Hamlet Garage to quantify the amount of leakage in the building.