New Solar Demonstration Systems

Posted 2014-06-27
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Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) is pleased to commission the 5 solar demonstration systems purchased with the generous support of the GNWT Environment and Natural Resources Department. Three of the systems are 2-panel (500 watt) units, mounted on portable trailers. The other two systems are 1-panel (250 watt) units. They are fully-functional and stand-alone Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems that can be used to educate the public about solar energy. Each unit includes PV panels, batteries, charge controller, and an inverter to allow electrical devices to be operated directly from the unit. All of AEA’s staff has received training on these units, and we have developed brochures to help educate the public on solar PV applications in the NWT.

The first demonstration kit was assembled for the Dehcho office; the picture shown here is Teresa Chilkowich, AEA’s Regional Energy Project Coordinator for the Dehcho, putting together the demonstration kit and the trailer that were shipped to her. The demonstration unit that was purchased for the Yellowknife office was on display recently at our Solar Energy Fair, where it drew attention to the Alternative Energy Technologies Program (AETP) that AEA administers, providing funding for several different technologies including PV. The unit that is going to the Sahtu region was assembled here in Yellowknife this week and will be taken to Hay River to be barged to Norman Wells. The pictures below show the assembly of this unit, the drill Nick Walker used was being powered from solar power stored in the batteries of the unit and was quickly replaced when the solar panels were reattached. The second picture shows Ken Baigent, Louie Azzolini, and Matthew Taylor with the completed unit. We expect to assemble and ship the units for the Whati office and the Inuvik office soon.



Solar PV demonstration systems will enhance AEA’s ability to provide PV technology education throughout the NWT in support of the NWT Solar Energy Strategy.