Recreational Solar Power

Posted 2014-06-25
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Solar panels are a great way to power your summer holidays. Whether you are looking to add a trickle charge to your boat motor or to supply power to a large recreational vehicle (RV), there are solar systems available to do just that.

A small solar panel can be used to provide a trickle charge to a 12 Volt battery (as shown in the picture). This will insure your boat or vehicle starts every time and will also extend the life of the battery.

A larger solar system will keep a small bank of batteries charged so that a generator is no longer needed for a RV. The solar panels are set up to charge a bank of batteries.  When power is needed, it is taken from the batteries. Kits can be purchased from many retailers and can be easily set up.

Although solar panels generate more electricity on sunny days, they will still generate reduced power on cloudy days and under partial shade. Use of solar technology is much quieter than a gas powered generator and does not create greenhouse gases. Once the initial investment is made, solar is a virtually maintenance free technology and can provide free, continuous power for decades.

Given our long, sunny summer days here in the north, solar is an excellent option throughout the Northwest Territories. Even with our shorter days in the winter, solar can still generate significant power under the right conditions. This makes solar a good alternative for off grid year round living or a power backup system for those attached to the grid. Let the sun shine and generate free, clean energy!