Solar Demonstration in Dehcho Communities

Posted 2014-07-08
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Category Community Visits

Arctic Energy Alliance's Dehcho Community Energy Coordinator, Teresa Chilkowich, recently travelled with the new Solar PV demonstration trailer to two local events. The trailer allows Teresa to show people up-close the two polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules and instrumentation panel. This system is an ideal size for installing on off-grid cabins, located away from the community electricity grid.

She first visited the Liidlii Kue First Nation’s 2nd Annual, Traditional Spring Gathering June 21st - 22nd. A couple days later, Teresa was on the road again with the trailer, to the Dehcho First Nations Annual Assembly which was held in Jean Marie River. These events had a boost of clean, renewable, solar energy provided by the newly commissioned Solar PV demonstration trailer. There were many visitors to the demonstration trailer who asked various questions and shared information from their own experience with solar energy, with a dozen or so people taking the opportunity to charge up their mobile phones and experience this clean, quiet, and efficient way of generating electricity.



MLA, Kevin Menicoche & Elder, Nellie Hardisty “charging up” at the DFN Assembly in JMR









Dehcho Assembly – left to right: Louie Tambour (Deh Gáh Got’ie First Nation), Richard Sanguez (Jean Marie River First Nation), Adrian Farcy (Deh Gáh Got’ie First Nation), Dominic Elize (Deh Gáh Got’ie First Nation), Alan Farcy (Deh Gáh Got’ie First Nation), Rufus Sanguez (Jean Marie River First Nation), Jay Horesay (Deh Gáh Got’ie & Pehdzeh Ki First Nation), Stewart Nadli (Deh Gáh Got’ie First Nation).