Teaching Tlicho Youth

Posted 2014-08-21
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Category Community Visits

Sonny Zoe, Arctic Energy Alliance’s Tlicho Energy Project Coordinator, recently spent time on the land with some youth from Whati. He believes it is very important to teach the youth the traditional way to do things on the land that are more sustainable than the modern ways. This helps the youth develop the tools they will need for the future and to give them alternatives to the rising costs of everything. It is also important to discuss climate change while out on the land where they can observe the signs of change.

Sonny very much enjoyed his time on the land and was glad to have made the trip.

The picture shows: Sonny Zoe, Janita Bishop, Janelle Nitsiza, Jamie Moosenose, Lourina Nitsiza, Lena Gargan, Rosella Sewi, Kyle Moosenose, Gary Sewi and Christan Beaverho.