Fort Simpson Chamber of Commerce Presentation

Posted 2014-09-15
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During September, Margaret Mahon, from Arctic Energy Alliance’s Yellowknife Office, presented information at the Fort Simpson Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.  Angela Fiebelkorn, President of the Chamber of Commerce, wrote the following report about the presentation.

Thank you to the 11 people who attended our luncheon. Margaret Mahon was very knowledgeable, and talked about the various programs available to both businesses and residents.

•    DID YOU KNOW.....that you can use a KILOWATT METER to check out just how much energy a specific item in your business uses?  If you can plug it in the wall, you can plug it into a kilowatt meter.  You can borrow one at the Arctic Energy Alliance.
•    DID YOU KNOW....that a number of businesses have put in energy efficient retrofits and new installations that are already showing a savings on their utility costs?  
•    DID YOU KNOW.....that there are Intelligent Parking Lot Controllers to help you save money on car plug in costs this winter?  Go to  for more information. 
•    DID YOU KNOW......that the Village of Fort Simpson has a project in the works to reduce the utilities at the rec centre, water treatment sewage plant, and other facilities through a variety of energy saving upgrades?  
•    WONDERING WHERE TO START?  Contact Teresa Chilkowich for a FREE energy audit.  They will tell you whether your usage is in line with similar buildings as yours, or whether you have money leaking away through poor energy efficiency.  Then they will identify ways in which you can save your hard earned money.  

The picture shows from Left to Right: Dean Pickering, VOFS SAO; Roxanna Thompson, Deh Cho Drum Reporter; John Dempsey, Northern Store Manager; Angela Fiebelkorn, FSCC President; Margaret Mahon, Arctic Energy Alliance; Nick Sibbeston, Bannockland B&B.